Poco Roo

Poco Roo: A Life Entirely Too Short

Over the four short years that I was fortunate enough to have Poco in my life, I took multitudes of pictures. He was so accustomed to the camera that he seldom even noticed it. As a result, and thankfully, I have many pictures that I cherish. Here are but a few of my favorites and I hope you enjoy looking at them. This page will take a little time to load, but if you love cats (especially the spoiled tabby variety), it will be worth the wait. You will also find a few pictures (that are not shown below) on the other, linked pages, if you are inclined to look at them. One way or another, I thank you for stopping by.

If you interested in the story behind the cat that inspired the photos, please click the link below.

June 21, 2002: Poco loses his fight and breaks my heart...

A Young Poco Roo

He Loved the Camera

Every 4 Hours...July 1998 BDC (Before Digital Camera)

Shadows of September 11th Stars


What? Me on the table?

Yes, he allowed me to take pics this close!

One Cool Cat


Years later, Mex Finally Went in the Cat House

Poco and His Mom

Sun Seeker

Poco and dana on My NKU Graduation Day

This Was His Favorite Game

He Loved Unconditionally

I Love This Picture

One of His Last Pictures

The Very Last Picture of My Baby

Back Home to Cathouse Prejudice

June 21, 2002: Poco loses his fight and breaks my heart...

Popper Doo...A Happy Ending with a New Beginning

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